The organisers of the Ayr Flower Show are grateful to our sponsors and supporters for the generous help in making the three day family festival the success that it is, and which has allowed us to continue over almost 60 years. In more recent years we have been able to expand to include hand-crafted goods that are becoming more sought after each year. Over the years independent companies are working together in partnership to provide not just flowers, but complete services such as wedding planning.

Amsterdam garden


Interflora has been sponsoring the Ayr Flower Show since the 1980s, when it first stopped by in the iconic Interflora bus as it was touring the country. At this time Interflora gave floral demonstrations to show off its talented florists at work. At this time flowers were being ordered by telephone and credit card, but as with the Ayr Flower Show, things have changed and grown since then.

With the internet age, the Interflora bus is no longer on the road, but the company continues to sponsor small flower festivals such as ours at Ayr and to support British farmers. With more than 1,800 expert florists across the UK and Ireland, each has their own unique story and many have won awards for their work, including at the Ayr Flower Show.

Dobies Heritage Vegetables

Dobies was born from a love for gardening and allotment growing. Dobies has a store of some of the older and rarer varieties of vegetables that have stood the test of time and taste divine. Heritage seeds are not only blue potatoes and purple-podded peas, they can just be very tasty vegetables that taste better than anything you may fine in a large superstore.

Just as the exhibits at the Ayr Flower show have a story, so does each heritage vegetable. There is a reason why the seeds are still sown and why they make a great addition to your garden or allotment or garden. Yet heritage vegetables not only tell a story, they taste wonderful too. You can even grow squash called Honey Boat, that tastes like sweet potato.


As a multi-award winning wedding consultancy, LITU have been successfully planning weddings for nearly 20 years. Just as the Ayr Flower Show, LITU was born and bred in Scotland. We have a lifetime of experience and skills developed in sectors such as operations and finance, public relations and business development. We understand that both the emotional and financial investment in a wedding day are maybe greater perhaps than any other single day of your life.

Flowers are a big part of our business. Over the years we have been trusted to plan weddings for hundreds of couples from all walks of life and from all around the world. We have developed a network of tried and trusted suppliers who we know can work together with us to ensure that your day goes without a hitch. LITU stands for Leave It To Us, since with our experience, knowledge and professionalism you can leave it to us to deliver the day of your dreams.

Amy’s Winehouse

Having enjoyed a long term relationship with the RHS, Amy’s Winehouse is delighted to continue to support the Ayr Flower Show, one of the best-loved events in the Scottish gardening calendar. Quality, creativity and attention to detail are all hallmarks of the wines that we stock, in the same way they are for award-winning exhibits at the weekend at Rozelle Estate at this long week-end family festival. Both take pride in creating opportunities for people to relax and enjoy their free time.